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The Majestic is a Roots Rock Reggae band hailing from London. Taking some of the liveliest parts of reggae, from an eclectic set of influences, and with a diversity of origin comes an infectious blend of British and Jamaican music. 

The Majestic was formed in the early 1980s by band leader Baba Ras, with its initial success leading to a tour supporting Misty in Roots, and culminating in the Stonehenge Festival of ‘83 alongside Hawkwind. The band then went on hiatus until 2011, when they returned to the UK scene for a second time, racking up an impressive three hundred-plus shows in their first three years. Bit by bit, a gradual change in line up culminated in the six-piece performing today. With a traditional riddim section mixed with rocky guitar leads and saxophone hooks, the Majestic promise a wild spectacle.




Whilst a regular at Boomtown and Falmouth Reggae Festival, the band are a familiar face on the wider UK festival circuit, and is intimate with venues such as Brixton’s Hootananny, Brixton Jamm and The Fox And Firkin, frequently playing reggae hotbeds in London and beyond. Currently, the final touches on the band’s second album, Roots and Reality, are being made, being released for summer 2020.

The Majestic can now usually be found touring the length and breadth of the UK and further, sharing its own diverse brand of reggae and bringing party vibes everywhere they go. Love, peace and a message of compassion and unity is what The Majestic spread! Uniting their fellow humans through music is an absolute must!

Special thanks to all the musicians that have been a part of The Majestic journey and have come to play with us along the years!

Thank you to Christian Cowlin

Thank you to Denis Chapuis

Thank you to Toby Pepper

Thank you to Harvey Grant

Thank you to Joe Barton

Jimmy Page

Russel Raisey

Thank you to Natalie Alexis

Thank you to Kingsley Solomon

Thank you to Ryan Wazak

Thank you to Chainska Brassika horns

Thank you to Julian Vicary

Thank you to Henri Swinton-Stott

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